Blue Flower

This site is authored by a man who escaped the prison of pain and fear, it's a journey of a man abused since he was a baby into his adult life by a Narcissistic (NPD) dad who was a pastor who destroyed his entire family and had multiple marriages. This man rose up out of the dung hill to be set free and discover life at its best. He doesn't want others to endure the same journey. We share the good, the bad and the ugly and reveal how he put himself through professional counseling to learn who he is and how to discover healing.

We will also share what his dad (and other people like him) have within them, what he did and why the dad was so abusive. We'll reveal how to get rid of fear and pain. How to forgive so that we can be free. Forgiveness is mostly for us and releases us from the bondage that harboring bitterness holds us in. Unless we can forgive, and love our enemies we remain a prisoner.

From a man who transformed his entire life and made the choice not to allow the fears and hurt from the past hold him captive any longer. We'll share the tears, the joy, the hurt and the pain of growth. We'll share the long hard road to healing and discovering peace in a world that does not give peace.

We won't share who this is about. Our author loves his dad and has no desire to bash him or humiliate him publicly. We want to help other people to heal and relate to the author's own experiences if they have had these experiences as well.

Watch the author's writings as he writes his book, interacts on the forums and shares the pain as well as the victories of the past. From being suicidal at an early age, to complete healing and peace as an adult, you can share his journey. From harboring deep bitterness toward his dad and wanting revenge, to complete forgiveness, we'll share the intensity of this mans journey to discovering the love of God in such a way it's a miracle.

Don't let the pain of the past own you, join with us and find the road to healing and victory. We do not require real names, you can be completely anonymous here.

We are going to offer free registration to the first 50 people for their first year. After which there will be a small registration fee.