Blue Flower

Daddy, why did you teach me to be nice to people but you are not nice to me? Don't you realize that unless your Works back your words they're meaningless? Why did you do good to others, but not to me? Don't you know you are supposed to love Elohim first and then your family before others?

Daddy, why did you take your own flesh and blood and literally beat their head into the wall so that the wall was broken? Wait, I know, NPD is not curable, you are stuck with it. You can't possibly have the love of Elohim because you have no empathy.

Elohim, please forgive my dad, he didn't know what he was doing. He was afflicted with brain damage in his developmental years that caused his brain not to develop the paths that give him empathy. Please heal him, it's the only way because man has no way to cure him. He could be a beautiful man if you would heal him and open his eyes.