Blue Flower

Daddy, why did I hang in there longer than my other siblings who cut you off a long time ago? Maybe because I at least had enough love, enough hope to think you might wake up. I'm sorry, I tried too hard for someone who hurt me deeply. Only Messiah can do the work. You thought you knew what I was thinking and said I was thinking I would get you when you are old. You said I would never be able to. Do you know what Daddy? I can now, but that was never my thought and it isn't my thinking now. I know I can over power you now but that is not part of me. Forgiveness is in my heart because if I were to hurt you like you did me I would become like you. When I was young I told myself I never want to be like you. You see, I already had it figured out because it is not within me to hurt my family as you did yours. I forgive you Daddy, you were stuck in your mentality and didn't know any better. I still pray for you and hope Elohim our Father in Heaven will heal you and open your eyes.